Garden Fund Donors

2022-2023 Garden Fund Donors

The following families and individuals have generously contributed to the Garden Fund for the academic year 2022-23.

It is only  because of our generous community that we can continue to deliver our mission:

City Garden School educates children’s hands, hearts, and minds with an intellectually rich curriculum that inspires wonder, reverence, and creativity.  We honor and nurture the development of each child, infuse art and storytelling into every subject, and use the natural world as our classroom so children may grow with a capacity for empathy and a will to improve the world.  

On behalf of the children, faculty, and staff of City Garden School, we thank everyone who supports our annual fund.

White Oak Circle ($5000 and above)

Brian Richards & Sauna Space

Sara LeMone

Mac & Kalle LeMone

Bill & Jessi Musick

Redbud Ring ($2,500 - $4,999)

Goldenrod Grove ($1,000 - $2,499)

Dawn Harrison

Ashley Burnam

Priscilla Weber

John Payne Harrison

Blue Sage Spiral ($500 - $999)

Robyn & Ryan McCullem

Karen Pensoneau

Catherine Graver

Doris Wooledge

David Marty

Mark & Veronica Kloeppel

James Karnia

Sebastien Heintz

John Knapp

Blazing Stars ($250 - $499)

Erin McEwen

Kristin Hawley

Brielle Weinreich

Prairie Grasses (up to $249)

Skip & Kathy Walther

Neeley Current

Sara LeMone Mueller

Monica Frayne

Tabitha Rodgers

Kailey Martin

Clara Hawley

Rebecca McCorkle

Nicole Knapp-Webber

Molly Coolley

Beth Anderson

Rachael Majors

Alycea Lawson

Tami Benus

Mary-Alice Cain

Kelly Germany

George & Carolyn Current

Rachel Anderson

Michelle Nagel Guffey

Lawrence Duggan

Kevin Gamble

Shelda Underwood

Molly Campbell

Brian Rogers

Kirby & Sharon Hatcher

Elianna Reker

Abram Wilks

Kayla Beasley

Cindy Johnson

Kim Duggan

Arrow Building & Jake Bruton

Tim Duggan

Emily Harryman

Marthann Buck

Natalie Pavone

James Twellman

Victoria Kassabaum

Jennifer Jennings

Devin Angsten

John Knapp

Sarah Linsenmeyer

Ann Marie Long

Kristin Flynn Peters

Rachel Garro

Stephanie Gilley

Andrea Field

Jordan Johnson

Kathleen Angsten

Dennis Fitzgerald

David Mehr

Erica Bermudez

Avi Kloeppel

Katherine Lee

Rebecca Bruton

Tim & Lauri Rich

Dot & Ed Castleton

Lara Landrum

Elizabeth Du Plessis

Peter Yronwode

Peggy Placier

Caroline Stoddart

Dennis & Carol Leigh Kaiser

Diane Coffman

Stacy Hirt

Wanda Hoffman

Michael McDonald