Here We Grow!

We are so excited to be growing!

Our school is growing into a full Kindergarten - 8th grade. The 2022-23 school year is the launch of City Garden School Kindergarten and the beginning of our Middle School 3-year strategic plan. We begin with 6th grade and grow to a 6-8 Middle School: 

Through visioning and planning the College of Teachers and Board of Directors, we have located a permanent property to call home. We are extremely excited to plan for the future. 

Stay tuned for updates on our Capital Campaign to raise the funds to build our beautiful, eco-friendly, indoor/outdoor school, keeping with the values and vision of City Garden School. 

Permanent Location for CGS: 4608 Mexico Gravel Rd.

Building Committee

Jessi Musick -- City Garden School Board

Nicole Knapp-Webber -- City Garden School Teacher

Jordan Johnson -- Head of City Garden School 

Emily Harryman -- City Garden School teacher

Katy Shaffer -- City Garden School Teacher

Neeley Currant -- City Garden School Teacher

Beth Anderson -- City Garden School Board

Mac LeMone -- Little Dixie Construction

Tim Crockett -- Crockett Engineering