Prepare to be transported to a realm where the very essence of life is celebrated at City Garden School's most extraordinary event of the year: Tales from the Garden 2024: Elemental Magic! Join us for an enchanting evening on April 5, 2024 that will immerse you in the captivating wonder of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

🌿 Earth will ground you, connecting you with the raw power of nature, reminding you of the beauty and stability it offers.

🌬️ Air will set your spirits free, igniting a sense of freedom and adventure as you embrace boundless possibilities.

🔥 Fire will ignite your passions, captivating your senses with mesmerizing performances and embodying the unstoppable force of transformation and intensity.

💧 Water will soothe your soul, immersing you in a world of serenity and renewal, where tranquility flows like a gentle stream.

Elemental Magic promises to be a symphony of the elements like no other—an evening where the forces of nature come alive, and the magic of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water surrounds you. Come dressed in attire that resonates with your favorite element, and let the enchantment of this night transport you to a world where wonder knows no bounds.

Secure your table, and be part of the magic. Get your tickets now, and let the elemental adventure begin!

Underwriters of a portion of the gala are recognized on the gala webpage, social media, and signage at the event. Underwriting is 100% tax deductible. 

Your name (or business name) will appear in our publications when you donate items or gifts certificates to be auctioned.

Sponsorship opportunities provide you (or your company) excellent exposure and benefits leading up to the gala and at the event.

Be an Elemental Trailblazer and Ignite the Magic!

The Gala is pivotal to supporting our financial aid and scholarship programs and also helps us meet our annual operating budget. We deeply honor and appreciate our community, steadfast sponsors, generous donors, and dedicated volunteers, all harmonizing their energies to enable City Garden School to bring an educational experience inspired by Waldorf methods to the children of mid-Missouri. 

There are many ways to forge a connection with the Elemental Magic Gala. You may ground yourself and your friends as an Elemental Patron by being a Table Sponsor and receive a host of benefits, such as VIP seating and advertising perks. Alternatively, you may want to Ignite the Elemental Flame and Underwrite a portion of the gala, ensuring that every drop of support benefits CGS students directly. Underwriting is 100% tax-deductible. However you decide to embark on this elemental journey, seize the opportunity early and allow the blaze of your passion for City Garden School to ignite.

The magic truly begins when you offer Item Donations, breathing life into our silent and live auctions. Your generosity will be acknowledged throughout the night and in all the currents of advertising leading up to the event. In this grand elemental dance, no contribution is too vast or too humble. The auction's vitality stems from its diverse offerings. Are you interested in contributing an auction item on behalf of your business or family? 

Examples of donations include:

Please choose one of the links below for more information on donating to Tales from the Garden 2024: Elemental Magic. Thank you for supporting CGS, and get ready for a symphony of Elemental Magic on April 5, 2024! If you have any questions, contact Jessi Musick (CGS Fundraising Chair).