A Fully Engaged Community

We are committed to inspiring a strong culture of philanthropy and community engagement, which are essential elements in supporting high quality, education and the healthy growth of our school. 

Our strength stems from our community: our dedicated faculty and staff, our shared belief in our curriculum and the underlying philosophy, and the commitment of our families. 

City Garden School relies on the support of individuals and organizations who want to further our vision. The Garden Fund (our annual fund) allows CGS to say “yes” to good ideas now and ensure continued growth as a strong academic, artistic, and social foundation in which each student cultivates a capacity for independent thinking, compassionate feeling, and responsible action.

By donating to the Garden Fund, you are helping to kickstart initiatives with the human and financial capital to build momentum and develop sustainable programs with lasting impact and engagement.

City Garden School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is sustained and enriched through gifts made by parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. This vital support ensures the school’s ability to continue to offer the most relevant and inspiring education to children today and far into the future. Your tax-deductible contribution to the Garden Fund helps to fill the gap in the operating budget and pay for equipment, facilities and utilities, and faculty and staff salaries. Garden Fund contributions are essential to the day-to-day operations of the school, as tuition does not cover the full cost of the education provided here. Your generous support ensures that City Garden School will continue to grow and thrive in the coming years. Together we are creating something very special for our children and for future generations–a place where each individual can realize his or her full potential through goodness, beauty, and truth.

It only takes a couple of minutes spent with a City Garden student to notice that something is different: the creativity, the spark in their eye, the innate curiosity. This comes from a deep dedication to educating the whole child in a way that honors and meets their individual needs at a pace that is developmentally appropriate. With an emphasis on connection to nature, ample time spent on social-emotional health, and with the arts beautifully interwoven into our daily lessons, we endeavor to nurture each child into an adult ready to realize their full potential. Our teachers are passionate and extensively trained. Our community shares these values and contributes to a slow and meaningful childhood for their children. Together we are building our future.  

I am inspired by the generosity of the families, faculty, and friends of CGS who make giving to our school a priority. Every donation, big and small, helps further our mission and transform the lives of Mid-Missouri youth. I want to thank you for your continued support of and dedication to City Garden and outdoor education!

--Jordan Johnson, Head of School

When you participate in this nourishing community, you help ensure a stable learning environment for generations to live wisely and lovingly on Earth.  Generous tax-deductible donations are necessary to meet the gap between program fees and expenses. Your generosity models striving for the highest good to the children and deeply informs their path.


$50 = Supplies plants for our community gardens

$100 = Helps a teacher purchase art supplies for the classroom

$250 = Supports a field trip budget for more outside-of-class learning

$500 = Provides classroom furniture and materials for two children

$1000 = Sends one teacher to summer training intensive

$2500 = Supports new clubs and extracurricular activities

$7000 = Gives a deserving child one year of an education to last a lifetime

$50,000 = Is a lead gift that founds and grounds the school

Why Should I Consider a Recurring Gift? 

A monthly or annual commitment can help you keep track of your giving, cut down on annual solicitations, and ensure that you continue to support CGS each and every fiscal year. Many people find recurring gifts to be the easiest way to support the school and mission that are so meaningful to them.

How Can I Use a Matching Gift to Make the Most Impact?   

If you work for a company that matches employee gifts to nonprofit organizations, your donation may be doubled. If you already have a matching gift form or web application from your employer, please follow the instructions, fill it out and return it to us. If you don’t know if your company has a matching gift policy, check with your Human Resource department.

"How wonderful it is that 

nobody need wait a single moment 

before starting to improve the world." 

-Anne Frank

By participating in school events, volunteering time and energy, and supporting fundraising initiatives, our community shows its support for our school and programs. There are school fundraising, special events, publications, and alumni relations opportunities. We welcome your interest and participation.

*City Garden School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.