Beauty and magic lie at the heart of Waldorf curriculum.

Each day, the children are greeted by beautiful chalkboard drawings that deepen their connection to the curriculum. Gasps are often heard as the children walk into the classroom and see a new drawing!

“One of the tasks of the Waldorf elementary teacher is to present the curriculum in such a way that it stirs the imagination and feelings of the students, creating a context in which they can experience sympathy and antipathy, joy and sorrow, anger and tranquility, and much more.” Further on she states: “Through mythologies, great stories, and stirring biographies, the children’s own moral impulses are awakened, and an idealism begins to grow in them that will flower in adolescence.” -Joan Almon in “Educating for Creative Thinking: The Waldorf Approach”

Here are some drawings from the 1-5 grade classrooms at City Garden.

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